Frequently Asked Questions

  • MULTI SCREEN MENU (MSM app for brevity) is a personal app that completely organises your life. There are around 18 basic category boxes covering just about everything a person will encounter in their every day existence.

  • Each box has three options:

    1. Links: Each category in the MSM app has pre loaded popular web page links relating to the category box subject so you don’t have to search around the web to find the relevant information, the app does it for you.

    2. SCAN/PHOTO FEATURE: This area allows you to take photos or scan images that are saved in that area for later recall and use. You can add images from your phone camera or from your gallery. You can also delete or share images from this area.

    3. NOTES: You can write notes to yourself and save for later recall in every category box and share the same.

  • No one else can access the app on your phone without your user name and password and for added security, we have included a bio-metric fingerprint access feature, so only you can open your Multi Screen Menu app. Also, the information in the cloud is encrypted, so even we cannot access your private information. If you lose your phone, you can download the free trial version from any other phone and log in with your user name and password and/or your bio-metric fingerprint and retrieve your vital information.

  • Absolutely! We include an AVAILABLE box at the bottom of the splash screen for you to rename with your own custom titles and pictures. Every time you create an AVAILABLE box, an additional spare box will be created for you to name, so the amount of AVAILABLE custom boxes is endless. You can also delete an AVAILABLE box when you no longer need it or delete images from within an existing AVAILABLE box.

  • There is a one time fee of 10 euros for the app with no additional/monthly fees ever. Also, we allow a 14 day trial period so you can access all features to get used to how it works. After that period the app will be disabled until you purchase Multi Screen Menu via the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Yes, we are working on a number of common screen background skins which will be included in future versions of the app and you can also add your own custom background skin in future versions.

  • The app conception is by Geoffrey Harrison, who first had the idea in 1996 as part of his Future of Communications Post Graduate degree at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He created the app in 2023 in partnership with Mr. Luc Cristina in Geneva, Switzerland. The code writing for the app was done by Mr. Hamza Khan of As a professional travel writer and film director/journalist, Mr. Harrison decided there needed to be a simple to use app for all ages to help with on the move organization. The app concept is copyright to Mr. Harrison and Mr. Cristina in conjunction with Mr. Khan.

  • Yes, our website is where you can order the Multi Screen Menu app via both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

  • Yes. Download Voice Access app from the Google Store or App Store. Install voice access and allow permissions. Then you can simply say - Multi - to get to your MSM menu. Then say the name of a category or anything you wish to do in the app and your voice will activate the control. Just say Back if you wish to return to previous screens. Voice access free download link: